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¿las futuras mamás? ... the moms-to-be? ... ¡sí, sí, señorita! ... ¿los papás? ¡no! No way, José!
¿mamá y papá? ¡no! el papa es en roma ...

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this domain has been registered and is being used for a website. the registrant would like to use it for a business website but is unable to do so until some of these problems are fixed.

nothing for sale here (yet) not even organic honey

no, seriously, this needs to be a child-friendly website suitable for visitors of all ages. las abejas are an absolutely essential part of this domain, but they need some dynamic content. a static html page simply won't do for las abejas. las abejas need a database on the backend to serve dynamic content, but unfortunately our present scripting language, php on fedora, lacks the ability to connect to an external database, and furthermore falsely reports the technical details of the client's HTTPS connection to the web server, leaving us somewhat dumbfounded and rather stranded on this front

still nothing for sale. no organic honey. three options

some university information

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Pull the knife out of the .biz, folks!

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blackballed on all the forums but i need to figure out how to configure multilanguage error document support on fedora's apache distribution

more dnssec issues — i am curious about that "non-existent key" floating around

DNSSEC remediation: the big picture