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the red-light district

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"adjudicated as a mental defective" in a court of law as per federal tobacco regulations. this is the real problem. the country that considers me "an adjudicated mental defective" cannot be by home until the blood of those who made such poor laws, such poor medical decisions, and such poor legal judgments has washed out their foul footsteps' pollution and my rights, freedoms, and privileges are recognized totally and in full once more, uncontested. in their own cold blood they have shed my blood in the torture chambers of the clark county jail, bringing felony charges against me for minor insults. give them blood to drink. that is all such traitors and infidels are worthy.


14 nov, 2017


31 oct, 2017

added second server "melissa" for db & secondary mx

renamed primary server "miel"

TO DO: install and set up databases on "miel" — i am thinking mariadb and postgresql

5 oct, 2017

registered domain "colmena.biz" at domains manager on sept 27. i love it. it is las abejas all the way! set up vps on vultr with fedora

b.s. mathematics, b.s. computer science

places i have worked


technical reasons why i am female and not male

defendants in re sundry matters of mh practice

por mucho dinero — life, liberty, and property — medical malpractice — barratry — human rights violation — torture

yet to be served in these matters.... and what is the real purpose of the so-called "mental health" industry in america? none other than to suppress political dissent and to intimidate witnesses and falsely impeach their testimony in court