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Welcome to The Hive

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To Do

Change URL structure:

Directories "en" and "es" etc. can each be created on the web server with separate LocalSettings.php but the other files all symlinked from the base of a common wiki installation. There will be separate databases, or at least separate tables in the same database. Why not?

Needs more experimentation ...

This is not a HOWTO. Do not try this at home.

The "index.php" part need not matter so much. It's Latin and the reader is "looking something up."

Alaska Native language codes


  • ale = "Aleut"
  • ath = "Athapascan languages"
  • hai = "Haida"
  • iku = "Inuktitut"
  • ipk = "Inupiaq"
  • tli = "Tlingit"
  • ypk = "Yupik languages"

Three-letter codes after the NWO elitists ran out of two-letter codes.

Sami (Northern Europe)

  • smi = "Sami languages"
  • smn = "Inari Sami"
  • smj = "Lule Sami"
  • sme = "Northern Sami"
  • sms = "Skolt Sami"
  • sma = "Southern Sami"

Getting started

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.