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Welcome to The Hive

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To Do

Change URL structure:

  • https:// ...
  • https:// ...
  • etc.

Directories "en" and "es" etc. can each be created on the web server with separate LocalSettings.php but the other files all symlinked from the base of a common wiki installation. There will be separate databases, or at least separate tables in the same database. Why not?

The "index.php" part need not matter so much. It's Latin and the reader is "looking something up."

more language codes

  • ale = "Aleut"
  • ath = "Athapascan languages"
  • hai = "Haida"
  • iku = "Inuktitut"
  • ipk = "Inupiaq"
  • tli = "Tlingit"
  • ypk = "Yupik languages"

Three-letter codes after the NWO elitists ran out of two-letter codes.

  • smi = "Sami languages"
  • smn = "Inari Sami"
  • smj = "Lule Sami"
  • sme = "Northern Sami"
  • sms = "Skolt Sami"
  • sma = "Southern Sami"

Getting started

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.